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A Tourists Guide: How Amazing is Kutch and What else can you do there!?


White Desert is the charm of Kutch and the Culture herein is a jewel. In this article, you’ll come to know about some things unknown, some activities must to do and places to see on a trip to Kutch, some of which are not much known but are worth visiting. Consider Bhuj as a reference

Aina Mahal – The Mirrored Palace of Bhuj

Aina Mahal Kutch

Bhuj city of Kutch is famous of its palaces. Among all the places, the one which is the most famous and most beautiful is Aina Mahal or the Mirrored Palace. It is an 18th century palace that was built during the flamboyant rule of Maharao Lakhpatji who had a passion

Aina Mahal


Aina Mahal Palace is an extraordinary piece of structuring built in 18th century during the rule of Maharao Lakhpatji. It is also known as ‘the mirror palace’. History of aina mahal starts with Maharao Lakhpatji’s passion for music, architecture, literature and