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12 Things to Do & See during trip to Rann of Kutch

The serenity of Kutch is certainly known to everyone who has visited and even to the one who hasn’t been there but has seen the photographs of that place. The Kutch tourism has unveiled the beauty of Kutch and made it possible for the people living in the other

Archaeological Sites Of Kutch – Revealed

Archaeological Sites Of Kutch

The word Archaeology defines as the Stone Age, Bronze Age, and earlier periods of medieval age, and with India, being a country so vibrant, every part of it has lot more to say. India’s geography has been tremendous since earlier times, with trades and commerce

Civilization who lost its identity – Dholavira


How many of you people came to know that in the state of Gujarat, that is absolutely hidden in the lands of Kutch, there was an ancient civilisation. Dholavira is the region that is popularised by its ancient civilisation. Kutch travel is really memorable.

Yes dudes, it is seriously