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Smritivan Memorial Park – An Upcoming Tourist Destination In Kutch

A massive earthquake that once hit the state of Gujarat in the year 2001 on Republic Day was one of the hearts wrenching day in the history. Even today, the memories of the day brings chill down the spine and tears rolls down one’s eye. Smritivan Memorial park

Glimpse and Culture of Kutch Rann Utsav 2018 – 2019

Have you ever been to a holiday and has it happened that those moments still give you a chill down the spine? If you ask me then for me those thrilling moments are the ones that I have spent in Rann Utsav that had taken place this year. People

Plan a holiday at white desert: Spectacular and Thrilling

Calendar this year has been generous enough to give long weekends. Hence planning a mini vacation was kind of easy. Not only adults, even kids need break from their routine. So all the friends gathered and were pondering about where to spend these lovely holidays

Best 20 Places to Visit in Kutch During Rann Utsav

Rann Utsav 2018-19
Kutch Tour Guide has Discovered Various places of Kutch with all description and details for you to make easy to plan your Travel during Rann Utsav Tour.  1. Mata no Madh

Mata no Madh is a Village, dedicated to Ashapura temple, (Goddess Ashapura) located in Lakhpat taluka of kutch, gujarat.

2. Vijay Vilas Palace

The palace was built of Red Sandstone in the Rajput style in 1929 by Rao Vijayrajji. It is located on sea-beach of Mandvi in kutch.

3. White Desert

The Great Rann of kutch

10 Places To Visit In Kutch (2018) Points Of Interest & Things To Do

There are many explored and also unexplored places in Kutch. Being a traveler main goal is to become a local of the place one is visiting. There are many tourists but not many travelers in the world. So either traveler or tourist Kutch is on everyone’s bucket

Rann Utsav: A big Cultural Celebration in Gujarat


White desert, Rann Utsav these are the terms which were unknown a few years back. The Rann Utsav idea was proposed by Mr. Narendra Modi, who was Chief Minister

Know Why ‘Kutch nahin dekha toh kuch ni dekha’?

Amitabh bachchan:Kutch nahi dekha toh kuch nahi dekha

Legendary Actor Mr. Amitabh Bachchan’s commercial depicting the Kutch’s tour has gathered more famousness to this vicinity; Kutch is renowned as White Jewel resided on the Northern Sea banks of Gujarat. The art, culture and warm welcoming

Touring Rann Of Kutch – Sights & Sounds of the Desert


The Pure White mesmerizing view with a mild spread of the vermillion orange chroma of the Sun, this scenic beauty can be experienced every year in the Land Of Kutch. The Northern sea bank of Kutch, in the popular state of Gujarat, has been an outstanding place

The Arts of Kutch Explained in 6 Pictures

Arts of Kutch

The diverse, rich and creative culture of Kutch has made a supreme contribution to medieval culture of India. Once a destination by sea and land for people from Swat Valley, Middle East, and Africa, Kutch has a rich tradition of arts and crafts.Look at these six pictures and we are sure

Camel Ride at White Desert

Camel Ride at White Desert

Located in Kutch district and That Desert, White Desert of Kutch is a perfect place for those who love adventure. This white desert of Kutch was originally surreal especially on full moon nights. Every year tens of thousands of people traipsing around the Rann of Kutch, break