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10 Places To Visit In Kutch (2018) Points Of Interest & Things To Do

There are many explored and also unexplored places in Kutch. Being a traveler main goal is to become a local of the place one is visiting. There are many tourists but not many travelers in the world. So either traveler or tourist Kutch is on everyone’s bucket

Traveling to the beautiful Mandvi? here’s a quickie to plan your trip

Kutch Places

The famous port city ‘Mandvi‘, located about 56Km of the regional capital ‘Bhuj’ was founded by Rao of Kutch state, the first ruler Jadeja, Khengarji I in 1580. The name comes up with Sage Mandavya from the very famous epic Mahabharata, who lived here. Being

A Visit to Windfarm Beach – Mandvi


Mandvi is a port city located in the western part in the district of Kutch. This city is famous for its clean, virgin beach and old ship-building yard. This city was the heart of import-export business centuries before. If you are on a visit to Kutch, you must visit its famous

Best Places to Visit in Kutch


Located on the western coast of India, Kutch is the largest district of this country covering 45,652 Sq. Km. Overshadowed by neighboring Rajasthan, Kutch has some amazing tourist places with diverse attractions such as colors, wildlife, temples, architecture and handicrafts. It



Almost all people in every corner of world, likes to enjoy themselves with water, by going to beaches, lakes, etc.

By visiting beautiful beaches, you can definitely calm yourselves, in this toohectic life, where you don’t have time for enjoying.

There are lot many beaches in India

Booking Kutch’s Best Resort with Kutch Tour Guide – Serena Beach Resort


Serena Beach Resort is the only “5 Star” and the best resort in Kutch located near the finest white sand beach of Mandvi city. It is a perfect place to enjoy a vacation with the family, colleagues or friends with lots of activities to do from playing crazy golf & other



Mandvi beach is all about we are going to discuss below. Generally Gujarat is rich in cultural tradition and many more festivals they make out every year. In addition to these features we also have a beach called as mandvi beach in state of Gujarat that offers you wide range of