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10 Places To Visit In Kutch (2018) Points Of Interest & Things To Do

There are many explored and also unexplored places in Kutch. Being a traveler main goal is to become a local of the place one is visiting. There are many tourists but not many travelers in the world. So either traveler or tourist Kutch is on everyone’s bucket

Kutch Nahi Dekha Toh “Bohot” Kuch Nahi Dekha

Well if you want to verify that Mr. Amitabh Bacchan really meant what he said in an ad saying, “Kutch Nahi Dekha Toh Kuch Nahi Dekha”, you should plan a tour. There is a good tourism package Kutch is having.

Understanding Kutch

Also known as Kachchh, it is a district located in the state of Gujarat

Tourist Attractions of Kutch

Kutch is a pure tourist destination having many attractions. It is rich of nature, historical buildings and geographical positions. The capital city of Kutch is Bhuj and it connects you to a range of civilizations and important areas of Kutch. Following is a short guide of major Kutch


Kutch places guide is the topic discussed below. Kutch is generally said to be one of the famous tourist spots which has gained attraction during recent years as the development was rapid in nature and people who visited the place was really in maximum number. It is

Places to Visit while you’re in Kutch


First, ask your Kutch Travel Guide to take you to the Narayan Sarovar Lake, Kutch, is one of the most favored, visited and well-liked tourist places in the district of Kutch