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Best 20 Places to Visit in Kutch During Rann Utsav

Rann Utsav 2018-19
Kutch Tour Guide has Discovered Various places of Kutch with all description and details for you to make easy to plan your Travel during Rann Utsav Tour.  1. Mata no Madh

Mata no Madh is a Village, dedicated to Ashapura temple, (Goddess Ashapura) located in Lakhpat taluka of kutch, gujarat.

2. Vijay Vilas Palace

The palace was built of Red Sandstone in the Rajput style in 1929 by Rao Vijayrajji. It is located on sea-beach of Mandvi in kutch.

3. White Desert

The Great Rann of kutch


Kutch tourist places package is the topic discussed below. As it is celebrated in the region called kutch which is worldwide famous now. As people from all over the world are showing


Rann Utsav Online

The topic that is to be discussed now is all about Rann utsav which will generally happen in the state of Gujarat and in a place called Kutch. Kutch places guide is also very much important as he is the only one who can explain each and everything in a detailed


Kutch places guide is the topic discussed below. Kutch is generally said to be one of the famous tourist spots which has gained attraction during recent years as the development was rapid in nature and people who visited the place was really in maximum number. It is