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Plan a holiday at white desert: Spectacular and Thrilling

Calendar this year has been generous enough to give long weekends. Hence planning a mini vacation was kind of easy. Not only adults, even kids need break from their routine. So all the friends gathered and were pondering about where to spend these lovely holidays

Gujarati Movie Sharato Lagu Shooting in Kutch

Along with Gujarat, Kutch is also growing and number of attractive and unexplored destinations are available Kutch for film shooting.  Number of Bollywood, Hollywood, Gujarati Folk Songs and TV Serials shooting done in Kutch till today and it’s drastically growing.

Newly released Gujarati

Rann Utsav 2018 -2019: All You Need To Know.

India has a rich heritage and culture. It has many most beautiful states and one of them is Gujarat. Gujarat is a wonderful, cultured and amazing state. It is peaceful by nature. Although it has variety of attraction to be seen but the most sought after is the<a

Rann Utsav Online Booking: Let your memories be your travel bag

Rann Utsav Online Booking

Hello to all the travel lovers out there, have you planned your winter trip yet? Have you considered Rann Utsav, a cultural festival which is held yearly at Kutch? If you want your travel bags full of memories then do visit Kutch. If you are searching for customized

About White Rann of Kutch


The Rann of Kutch is a huge desert spread over approximately 30,000 sq. km. It is located in the district of Kutch in Gujarat state. It is also known as white desert because it is a large

8 Pictures of Rann of Kutch that Will Make You Go There Right Away!

Rann Of Kutch

There are numerous beautiful places in India to go and travel. Places like Taj Mahal and Nature of South India is worth visit for everyone. There is no dearth of beautiful views in India but today we are going to talk about a place which is still undiscovered for many of us.

The Rann