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Kalo Dungar – The Black Hill of Kutch

The guardian of western border of Kutch, famous kalo dungar is also called as “Black Hill”. Highest point in Kutch is very attractive tourist place that everyone should visit once. Spectacular view of white dessert kutch from the top of the hill. Plan your tour with Kutch Tour Guide.

Kalo Dungar in Kutch

Black Hill

The Black Hill of Kutch or ‘Kala Dungar’ as it is known in the local lingo, is the highest point of Kutch district with a rich history in itself! Legend has it that Lord Dattatreya once came to this place & fed the Jackals here with his own body which kept on regenerating continuously, hence the Dattatreaya Temple on the top of the hill. Even today, the temple priest offers the Prasad to Jackals at a specific spot near the temple after the evening ceremony. Apart from the divine significance, it is also popular as probably the only place in Kutch which offers an amazing panoramic view of the White Rann of Kutch & one of the closest civilian points to the Indo-Pak border.

Recently, strange phenomenon, was observed at Kalo Dungar, when some visitors noticed that their vehicles were hurtling down the hill at speeds over 80 km/h which was very strange. And this too, with the ignition switched off.

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