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Places to Visit while you’re in Kutch


First, ask your Kutch Travel Guide to take you to the Narayan Sarovar Lake, Kutch, is one of the most favored, visited and well-liked tourist places in the district of Kutch, with its significance as a religious Hindu site drawing visitors from around the country. Here is a confluence of five holy lakes making it a revered spot. It is most famous in mythology for an incident wherein when the region surrounding this area was suffering a drought; Lord Vishnu blessed them with the water. The spot is ideal for photography and the main attractions are the numerous temples known as the Narayan Sarovar Temples.

The Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary, Kutch also referred to as Wild Ass Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries across the landscape of India, making it a popular destination during any Kutch tour. The most prominent animals found here are the Indian Wild Ass and Asiatic Wild Ass, namely, Khur and Onager respectively. Entry can be obtained for a nominal fee.

Your Kutch Tour is incomplete without a visit to the Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary. Located in the Rann of Kutch, it has a brilliant display of flora, Arabian Sea waters and a natural habitat to several wild animals. Further, the sanctuary houses various reptiles and is also a home to the Greater Flamingo.  Other animals one may chance upon are hyenas, sambhar, jackals, chinkara, wild boar, nilgai, Indian hare, and pale hedgehog. The sanctuary has houses several birds as well, including crow, stork, spoonbill, osprey, sparrow, black vulture and white backed vultures.

The numerous ports of Kutch must figure into a list of its most prominent tourist places. Kandla Port is the national port in Kutch. It is one o the most significant ports in the country under the Ministry of Commerce, managed by the Chairman of the concerned port trust. The port holds 10 berths, 6 oil jetties, 1 maintenance jetty, 1 dry dock and several small jetties. These can be used for housing small or large vessels.

The Mundra Port of Kutch together with the Special Economic Zone holds this largest private port in India where operations concerning international trade are undertaken by the Adani Group. It is spread over an area of 100 sq km, making it the largest SEZ government notified port of India. This port also managed the feat of operating forty million tons of cargo in the year 2010. The port is situated as a climatically advantageous point and sees a pleasant weather particularly in the winter. Make sure you insist that your Travel Guide Kutch takes you here.

While the land may seem dry, you can witness your fair share of greenery during your Kutch tour. Banni Grasslands Reserve is a component of the outer southern ecosystem that lines the Rann of Kutch, well known among tourists for its wildlife and flora. This site has been declared as one of the few remaining home to the Cheetahs and their reproduction. You may chance upon a few here, with the help of an able Travel Guide in Kutch. The wildlife here is varied, ranging across nilgai, chinkara, blackbuck, wild boar, golden jackal, Wild Ass and many more.

The Kutch Museum is another popular choice you might want to explore during your Kutch tour. It has the distinction of being the oldest museum in Gujarat.  It is home to a large collection of the ancient Kshatrapa inscriptions, as well as the Kutchi script. It is a must-visit tourist place for those interested in Tribal Culture and ancient artefacts pertaining to society and culture.

Aina Mahal, as the name suggests is a ‘palace of mirrors’, wherein the half of the mirrors is the most favoured attraction of the place.  There is also an art gallery here that enthusiasts may greatly enjoy. It also has a wide assortment of pictures of the old-age Bhuj and its rulers, along with housing various old foreign instruments and artefacts.

The Prag Mahal must also figure on the lists of tourist places of all travellers and guides during their Kutch Tour. Not far off from the Aina Mahal, this specimen of Indo-Goth architecture is a treat for enthusiasts of ancient architecture with its various chandeliers, jaalis, pillars and courtyards.