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Koteshwar Temple

Have the breath taking experience at the temple of lord shiva at Koteshwar Temple Kutch. Visit two of the important Hindu Pilgrimage sites, narayan sarovar and koteshwar temple which are close to each other. Get more information on Koteshwar temple tourism with Kutch Tour Guide.

Koteshwar Mahadev Temple

Koteshwar Temple Kutch

The very famous Koteshwar Temple is close to Narayan Sarovar & is famous for its legend surrounding Lord Shi va & Ravana. While the original temple which was built ages ago have been destroyed, the modern temple has been renovated expertly by the local kutchi artists making it a visual delight. It is also said that from the vantage point of the temple, the glow of lights from Karachi in Pakistan can be viewed in a clear night. This temple also offers a beautiful sunset view.

Our expert local guides are well versed with everything related to the legend of Koteshwar & can ensure that you have an enlightening time at Koteshwar Kutch. Book your Koteshwar Temple visit with Kutchtourguide.com now! Just drop us a mail @ guide[at]kutchtourguide.com to know more!