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Special Kutch Tour Packages

Kutch Tour Guide has some of the special Kutch tour packages to suit your every requirement at very affordable price. We cover the vast number of places and guarantee to take you to niche parts of the Kutch. You can book your visit to this mystical land online from here.

Rann Utsav 2024 - 2025 Tour Packages

Kutch nahi dekha to kuch nahi dekha! This is not us saying, but these are the words of the biggest superstar of India Mr. Amitabh Bachchan & we have all the reasons to agree! From the salty flatlands at Rann of Kutch to the pristine sea beaches of Mandvi, from humble ‘bhunga’ cottages of villages to the opulence of Vijay Vilas Palace, from modern architecture at Swaminarayan Temple to the ancient relics of Dholavira, Kutch has got it all & more at a single destination making it a must-go place in your travelogue.

Kutch literally means something which intermittently becomes wet and dry. A large part of this district is a Desert. However, the Desert is in Kutch but Kutch is not a Desert. The word Kutch is also used for a tortoise in Sanskrit. The total area is 45000 sq. kilometer making it India's biggest district. It is also famous for the ecologically important. Banni grassland with their seasonal marshy wetlands which from the outer belt of the Rann. Northern edge of the Rann lies the Border with Pakistan. Nowhere else will you get an amazing white desert, unexplored mangrove island, virgin sea beach, world heritage site, breathing landscape, thriving wild life, bird sanctuaries, temples, caves, historic monuments, fossil park, forts, hills, palaces, nature cure centers, unique life style and above all world’s best handicrafts. Our special Kutch tour packages allow you to witness it all!

Kutchtourguide.com specializes in Kutch tour packages owing to our in depth knowledge of Kutch & everything about it! Our local expertise combined with a world class experience can be lived by our guests via our special kutch tour packages. We have various different packages tailor made to the requirements of our guests in the form of our 1n/2d kutch tour packages which offer you a short glimpse of Kutch making you want to come back for more! Our 2n/3d kutch tour package is ideal for a short trip while covering the key highlights of kutch. But, hey! You can never have enough of Kutch! For guests who wish to explore all the aspects of the beauty that is Kutch, we offer you the 3n/4d kutch tour package.

To know more about how we can offer you the best kutch tour package suiting your requirements just drop us a mail @ guide[at]kutchtourguide.com.