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Narayan Sarovar – A Pilgrimage Site

One of the Pilgrimage sites for Hindus is Narayan Sarovar, Kutch. Holy place, Narayansar is located in Lakhpat taluka in Kutch. A must visit place near breath taking Koteshwar temple and Pakistan border. Plan your tour to Narayan Sarovar with Kutch Tour Guide.

Narayan Sarovar

Narayan Sarovar Lake

Narayan Sarovar lake is one of the key highlights of the Kutch district owing to its natural beauty as well as its huge religious significance. Narayan Sarovar Lake is one of the 5 holy lakes of Hinduism, along with Mansarovar in Tibet, Pampa in Karnataka, Bhuvaneshwar in Orissa and Pushkar in Rajasthan.

The lake is associated with a time of drought in the Puranic area, when Narayan (a form of Lord Vishnu) appeared in response to the fervent prayers of sages and touched the land with his toe, creating the lake. The area surrounding the lake is also rich with flora & fauna & one can often see ‘Chinkara’, a form of antelope nearby.

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