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The Royal Vijay Vilace Palace

Visit one of the royal and heritage palaces of Kutch, the Vijay Vilas Palace Mandvi. Have a royal experience of the palace which is set in the middle of well laid gardens with water channels and marble fountains. See peacocks frolicking in the palace grounds. Read more Vijay Vilas Palace information here.

Vijay Vilas Palace Information

Vijay Vilas Palace

The majestic Vijay Vilas Palace lies a few miles to the west of the famed Mandvi Beach. Surrounded by pristine greenery amidst the loud callings of Peacocks & other birds, the very first sight of Vijay vilas palace is grand enough to leave you spell bound! This magnificent palace which is still the home to the erstwhile king’s family (P.S. You might actually get lucky & meet them!) has been a locale to various movie shoots from the Bollywood. Enjoy the panoramic view of the Arabian Sea from the beautiful roof top of the palace & witness the huge skeleton of a Dinosaur amongst various other artifacts from the past!

The Vijay Vilas Palace rises from a multi-acre estate along the coast near the town. This palace of His Highness Maharao Vijay Singhji, who ruled over Kutch in the 1940s, is an eclectic blend of architectural styles. Umbrella-domes like those seen in palaces of Bengal, cupolas that would not look out of place in Mughal buildings, jarokhas and cusp-arches like those seen in Rajput palaces of Rajasthan, Victorian Gothic arches and classical columns make up the ensemble. Yet the architects were skilled enough to make the entire complex look harmonious.

Visitors can see the interiors including offices where the Maharaos worked from dawn to afternoon, the rooms for entertaining, the old living quarters. The domed terrace has a view over the estate to the sea.

The palace is nestled in 450 acres of lush greenery, with 2 kilometers of private beach. The Vijay Vilas Palace has its own private sanctuary maintained in an eco-friendly manner to preserve its pristine beauty. In this sanctuary one can see blue bulls, jackals and an occasional chinkara.

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