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Kutch is the largest district and the most ancient, has the relic of heritage sites in India.

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White Rann and the Rann Utsav 2017 - 2018 Festival – A Serene Travel Experience

Rann Utsav 2017 - 2018

Every year when the tides go virtual, when the sea meets to form one, when the sky has nothing to offer but still the silver lining of the clouds, the time is more fond for every one who visits this place at a perfectly right time. From the days of hot and irresistible climate to the soft and sober cold atmosphere to chill out on the same snow alike desert, no one would ever imagine how the lands existed before. So is the nature’s play of the Rann of Kutch. It's going to be that time of the year where the festivals take a colorful touch on the white Canvas of the Salt Desert. Kutch is a renowned time when people only mark there dates to set back on a traditional note and look on the other side of the miracle filled Mother Nature.

If you’re wanderlust and you just know how it feels to experience a nature so different, don’t miss out to board with us. Our Kutch’s fascinating tour packages can make you get with some of the extreme wonders of nature, Not only does the White Rann hold a prominent visit reason, its even more about the people and the histories associated within the land of Kutch, and absolutely the Rann Utsav too.

Rann Utsav or Rann Festival is a traditional fun filled festival of Kutch Gujarat. The winters are always cozy enough, but when it's about the White Rann, the night sky and the sparkling white desert in the winters have an exceptional appraisal. Every year during this Rann Utsav several visitors never miss out on booking a safari over and a night stay with the ethnicity and folklores of the village resorts. With all kinds of tastes with the decorum of the Rann Festival, and Handicrafts, Traditional wears, no one can be left out as the festival is one for all.

During trip to kutch at time of Rann Utsav its not just about the Festival, Kutch is an extreme place of wonders with great stories of the Rulers and there architectural visions portrayed on every turn of the cities of Kutch. It’s a home to the Private Beach Resort on the Mandvi, and conveys a peaceful Beach Mansion ‘Vijay Vilas Palace’, Historical Places like Prag Mahal, Aina Mahal And Kutch Museum at Bhuj, Recently Started India's 1st 4D museum 'Vande Matram Memorial Park', Hub and live demo of how to make Handicraft places, Harappan Site Dholavira. And how can you ignore the giant Ship Industry and the one time heavy traffic ports of Kutch. Everything in Kutch Accounts to be worthy, and that’s why people say ‘Kutch Nahin Dekha toh Kuch Nahin Dekha’.

Rann Utsav 2016 -2017, the last year was a serene experience bringing a colorful meaning to the plain beauty of Kutch. Read what our people say – Testimonials. White Rann Safari by the day and the festivity experience of Rann Utsav by the night, Kutch is an amalgamation of many creative ethnicities you must get with.

Find our footprints on KutchTourGuide. It’s more than just visiting; it’s like capturing a hand full of memories with the amazing scenic nature and tradition. Take a look at our packages and find your ideal taste with more of a tradition filled choice and less of hassle. We have flexible tour plans and you can always avail good discounts and amazing deals. Rann Utsav 2017 – 2018 awaits, discover more of Indian culture.