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Welcome to Rann Utsav 2020 - 2021 Online Booking

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Great Rann Utsav 2020 - 2021 Festival – A Most Awaited Celebration of India

Rann Utsav 2020 - 2021

How did you spend your summer vacation? Oh! Did I hit the nerve hard? Hahaha….. Well, my nerves are getting nervous living the life of a prisoner all summer. Though, it was necessary to stay at home as we wanted to be safe.

But hey, the wait is about to get over as the most charismatic and enthralling festival on this earth will start from 12 Nov 2020 to 28 Feb 2021

Welcome to the land of colours, ethnic zest, authentic flavours, and people with warm hearts. Mr Amitabh Bacchan feels that it is the Kutch regions that one should visit at least once in their life. The sparkling stars and the glowing full moon in the black sky will make you feel out of this world. It is not only about this but much more than what you think of doing and experiencing it. The craft culture and the artisans of the Kutch regions are just beyond imaginations. These born craftsmen know the way to blend colours and make a creative masterpiece. Their traditional attire is blooming to colours and it feels like they are full of life.

Music may not be everyone’s favourite but at the same time, you cannot deny the fact that your feet stamps as soon as you hear musical beats. The use of traditional musical instruments and folklores is a treat to your ears and you definitely should not miss out. The ambience turns out really mesmerizing as you listen to the melodious tunes amid the beautiful nights on marshy land.

Someone has rightly quoted, ‘if you want to think well, eat well. No matter what beautiful place you go, you want to feed yourself with satisfaction. When you are in Kutch, you should relish on their authentic ‘thali’. The items on the thali will include mouth-watering flavours of Kutch and the finger-licking good taste.

Besides these, there’s much more to explore and experience. The untouched beauty and the natural marshy land spread elegance and grandeur all over. The land and its vibes are eternally magical, and we are sure that the effects will stay with you forever. There are other places besides white dessert to travel, and they are unique too on their ways.

White Rann of Kutch has fulfilled the desire of travellers to make them experience something serene and beautiful. If you are too looking for a similar experience that you can cherish for life, then let Rann Utsav be your next destination. You will not regret it.

Do you want to make your travel experience comfortable and a memorable one? Of course, who doesn’t want to? Do get in touch with our team members for more information and booking.

We want to ensure safety along with the pleasures of travel as the prevailing condition demands. Let’s connect and make your wandering experience fruitful.

Rann Utsav Appreciation 20-21