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Witness the Growing Artistry of the Craftsman of Kutch – Kutch Textile Museum

Living and Learning Design Centre
Professional adversity coincides with Living
– this idea signifies a greater aspect of modern Kutch’s ancient tradition. A culture is what one beholds from one’s native soil. And with rich colors of Kutch, craftsman of this old land are privileged with powering amenities to reverberate to the world. Kutch’s ‘Living and Learning Design Centre (LLDC)’ is one such initiative that is a merit to culture enhancement.

Clothing casts the ethnicity of a culture and Kutch’s attire is more inclined with threading the plains to a ubiquitous masterpiece. An initiative by the Shrujan Trust, the Kutch’s Textile Museum is Design Center that promotes the long living style robe of the Kutchis. Freshly imaged recognition of the works of the native weavers like Meghwad’s Maaru, Aari’s, and Rabari’s the Museum reflects community attires on a stunning platform.

What’s in?

Studio of Crafts envisioning traditional hand embroidery with distinct styles of over 12 different communities, the Show is entitled as ‘The Living Embroideries of Kutch’. Present Day Craftswomen of Kutch are the jewels with high end expertise in threading ingenious embroideries, patchwork with elemental designs, garments and accessories that models the tracery of this Salt Land, A whole new perspective of modeling ancient skills to a new living profession. The Gallery displays 16 styles of Embroideries like Arri, chakan, Katri, Gotnav, Rabari, and Soov. The works showcase unique diversity of each community with their work forms based on stitching and tailoring traditional aspects.

The Concept: Craftsmanship of Kutch

LLDC has promotes history awakening the ethnic spirits for the people, and by the people. To gain a wide insight on lifestyle of Kutchis and its renowned community perspectives, it’s a wonderful spotlight to traditional approach for contemporary living era. Previously the initiative was performed just as a visual tribute to the drought relief program, foreseeing a great exclamation from worldly aspect, the program now has an enduring idea of stay to maneuver craftsmanship of Kutchis.

What Else?

The Spirit has gained a wide impact on artisans of Kutch and that the clothing attire is not just a wearable!! The Next can only be the unfolding of the artistry to the modern world. The LLDC campus imparts training on learning the ingenious art work from the Kutchis itself. Design practices and new researches over developing state-of-the-art facets to gather interest factors to this section. The Museum and Training Center plays wonders, imparting ingenious interest among every individual at visit and spread out learning abilities too. This promotes craftsmanship empowering 120 remote Villages with advancement in the modern world.


The LLDC Art Center resides about 18Km away from Bhuj, one of the prior places of Kutch, a hands-on gallery imparting knowledge and creativity interests at a superior level. Open from 10am to 5pm, the crafts Museum by Shrujan is ideal for all enthusiasts and creators to replenish the traditional art appeal to a greater level.