12 Things to Do & See during trip to Rann of Kutch

The serenity of Kutch is certainly known to everyone who has visited and even to the one who hasn’t been there but has seen the photographs of that place. The Kutch tourism has unveiled the beauty of Kutch and made it possible for the people living in the other

Kutchi Habitats – Traditional Bhunga Huts

Kutchi Habitats – Bhunga

Kutch is the largest district of India located in the state of Gujarat. People of Kutch are famous for their hospitality and traditions. One of the traditions is their Bhunga houses. They are unique houses which show how Kutchi people are rich of architectural knowledge.


Traditional Bhunga Huts of Kutch

Bhunga Kutch

Bhunga houses are round huts of Kutch and the real identity of Kutch desert areas. These beautiful houses are built by using mud and decorated with various things from inside

Bhunga A modern traditional home from the way of Kutch


To make a tasteful spot to live which additionally give cover from compelling seasons the Bhunga a roundabout place 10 meter daimeter fabricated with Mad Weed Matti. The conventional Bhunga is a building marvel. The thickness of that divider keeps cool in summer. The mud floorscape