Best 20 Places to Visit in Kutch During Rann Utsav

Rann Utsav 2018-19
Kutch Tour Guide has Discovered Various places of Kutch with all description and details for you to make easy to plan your Travel during Rann Utsav Tour.  1. Mata no Madh

Mata no Madh is a Village, dedicated to Ashapura temple, (Goddess Ashapura) located in Lakhpat taluka of kutch, gujarat.

2. Vijay Vilas Palace

The palace was built of Red Sandstone in the Rajput style in 1929 by Rao Vijayrajji. It is located on sea-beach of Mandvi in kutch.

3. White Desert

The Great Rann of kutch

10 Places To Visit In Kutch (2018) Points Of Interest & Things To Do

There are many explored and also unexplored places in Kutch. Being a traveler main goal is to become a local of the place one is visiting. There are many tourists but not many travelers in the world. So either traveler or tourist Kutch is on everyone’s bucket

Rann Utsav 2017- You can’t stop thinking about it

Rann Utsav2017-18

You have drooled over all the photos of white desert drenched in moonlight, haven’t you? And if you haven’t seen any pictures yet follow Kutch Tour Guide on Instagram for all the latest updates about Rann Utsav 2017. Since you have seen

Guide to: Planning a Kutch Tour


How it feels to be on a Kutch Tour?

Kutch forms an amalgamation of culture, tradition, wildlife, pilgrimages, nature, and every sort of importance that one can imagine to. Kutch’s esteemed much because of its Arial importance with respect to past trades and commerce

Know about the Pilgrimages of Kutch: The Mystical Narayan Sarovar

narayan sarovar kutch

Narayan Sarovar is a popular pilgrimage for the Hindus, being one of the pious river ghat across over the Kori Creek. It lies near the Lakhpat Taluka in Kutch and holds a temple with fortified wall surrounding.

Importance: Narayan Sarovar

A 100Km away from the regional

Things to Know Before You Reach The Vijay Vilas Palace

vijay vilas palace

You may call it as the Beach Mansion for the Jadeja rulers, or the Beautiful Palace on the sea banks, or just the Mandvi’s Summer Palace, n all aspects the Vijay Vilas Palace is one of the sandstone jewel of Mandvi.

Who’s who of the Vijay Vilas Palace!!!


Touring Guide: How can Kutch be You Inspiration?

Kutch Inspiration

Kutch is one in a whole an amalgamation of wonderful places and a cultural, historical, and contemporary heritage. It interprets our first civilization, a place that abides rare Indian species, a huge trade point during the medieval and the list goes on. When you’re

Stay in Kutch and experience the magical moments here


Kutch casts a land of mixed culture and tradition with natural scenic desert and environment embarking a completely divine confluence. Kutch has become the most admired tourist destination that abodes the miraculous salt land with a cultural fraternity of people and

Traveling to the beautiful Mandvi? here’s a quickie to plan your trip

Kutch Places

The famous port city ‘Mandvi‘, located about 56Km of the regional capital ‘Bhuj’ was founded by Rao of Kutch state, the first ruler Jadeja, Khengarji I in 1580. The name comes up with Sage Mandavya from the very famous epic Mahabharata, who lived here. Being

Archaeological Sites Of Kutch – Revealed

Archaeological Sites Of Kutch

The word Archaeology defines as the Stone Age, Bronze Age, and earlier periods of medieval age, and with India, being a country so vibrant, every part of it has lot more to say. India’s geography has been tremendous since earlier times, with trades and commerce