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A Tourists Guide: How Amazing is Kutch and What else can you do there!?

White Desert is the charm of Kutch and the Culture herein is a jewel. In this article, you’ll come to know about some things unknown, some activities must to do and places to see on a trip to Kutch, some of which are not much known but are worth visiting. Consider Bhuj as a reference point in Kutch. It is a small city with very good facilities.

Places to see on a trip to Kutch

Rann Utsav

rann-utsav_2016_2017Let’s start from the most known and most visited tourist destination. Rann Utsav which started in 2005 and initially it was held for three days, which later expanded for 2 months and presently it lasts for 3 months span. It is located 72 km away from Bhuj.

Rann Utsav is the festival celebrating the culture of Kutch during the wintry period, November to February. You can stay at tent city in white desert and enjoy the life of desert away from the hush rush of the city. You will be able to see the culture of Kutch here. There are various retail stalls for shopping. It mostly consists of handicraft of Kutch region (astounding creation of the localites like Rabari, Jadeja, Ahir etc communities).

Indulge yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of white desert. Visiting white desert during full moon is highly recommended. There’s also international kite festival during the month of January. You can book your tour to Kutch online at Don’t forget to taste the “meetha mava” on the way to desert at BHIRINDIYARA.

Kalo Dungar

kalo-dungar-bhujKalo Dungar is the highest peak, about 462m above sea level, of Kutch region, 97 km away from. There are varying stay options at Kalo Dungar. It is quite interesting place beckon with historical stories. There is a temple of guru dattatray, and a sunset point. You can get a combo package there; Serenity + Adventure. After visiting the temple you can go to the path which will lead you to the sunset point. And you can trek to a far point, from where the view is mesmerizing. This is probably the only place from where you can see the great Rann of Kutch and also the Indo-Pak border. Since black hill is very close to border there is an army post up there on hill.

There’s also one legend connected to the black hill; there was a man named Lakkh Guru who used to worship Guru dattatreya. He used to feed wild jackals up on the hill. But one day there was no food left so he offered his body parts to the jackals by saying “le-ang”(take this body part). This ritual of feeding jackals still continues at the time of evening aarti. Still jackals come there and they are fed with cooked rice. Over centuries “le -ang” is now changed to “long” to call jackals.

Aina Mahal

Aina mahal bhuj

It is located near Darbar Gadh of Bhuj. It is the 18th century palace, located next to Prag Mahal. Monarchy is gone but the history of the rulers of this place is still alive in the walls of the palaces. The Walls in here are made with marble and are adorned with the gold lace and mirrored pieces. There is also one room wholly made of mirrors, thus the name Aina Mahal. Next to Aina Mahal is Prag Mahal, which consists of many historic things. In Prag Mahal you can also go up to the clock tower from where you can get a panoramic view of the Bhuj city.


Living and Learning Design CentreIf you are actually interested in knowing about the handicrafts of Kutch, then this is the best place. LLDC is Living and Learning Design Center. It is actually a live museum, which is operated by the NGO Shrujan. It is located 25km away from Bhuj at bhachau highway.


dhinodhar-kutchIt is located 63 km away from Bhuj, at Nani Aral village of Nakhatrana. It is an inactive volcano at the height of 386 m. This place is often neglected during Kutch tour but it is good to unravel the unknown parts.

 There’s a temple at the top of the hill. There are two ways to reach up to hill; one by steps and another by trekking. Trekking path is recommended, if you are in group, because there are lots of wild animals over there. From atop you can have a great view of great Rann of Kutch and Charri Dhandh.

A monastery of Dhoramnath nearby to this place will make your trip more fascinating. The inner walls of monastery are adorned with the Kamangari paintings, which is a vanishing art of Kutch. There are also the windows which are made by carvings on stone.

Things to do in Kutch

Para motoring

para-motoring-kutchYou will find Para motoring in Kutch during Rann Utsav. The sport changes year after year, sometimes there’s Para sailing too. The cost varies from ₹ 2000 to ₹ 2500. It is perfectly safe to enjoy Para motoring here in white desert under the guidance of professionals. Visit Kutch and fulfill your dream of flying and watch the amazing white land of white desert and tent city.

Camel ride

camel-ride-in-rann-of-kutchYes! You can also enjoy the camel ride on your Kutch tour at Mandvi beach, while enjoying the sound of waves. Mandvi beach is a very good place for the tourists. You can have coconuts, local famous food item dabeli at Mandvi. You can also enjoy the speed boating at beach.

Star Gazing

star-gazing-in-rann-of-kutchWhite desert isn’t famous for just one activity. White desert have lot to offer. People who are nature enthusiast may love doing this. You can watch so many stars twinkling in the sky. Nowadays stars are rare bodies to be seen in the sky due to high level of pollution. But Kutch tour can bring you back your stars.

Bird Watching

kutch_wild_life_rann_of_kutchAgain this is for nature enthusiast people. Kutch has lot to offer if you go one more mile. The famous wetlands of Kutch Charri Dhandh, offers the huge variety of birds. But before visiting you have check your calendar as birds migrate here in the months of November to March. It is located 80 km from Bhuj at the nakhatrana district, nearest village is Fulary. It is recommended to take the local person there or else you may get lost there, and also go there in SUV as the land is covered with high grass.


kutch-shoppersLast but not the least, An essential part of every Tourist‘s life – You can shop in Bhuj city. There are so many shops which offer various kinds of handicrafts, from bandhanis to Kutchi embroidery work. The rate may vary according to quality, but bargain is must.

Come visit Kutch and make memories of Lifetime.