12 Things to Do & See during trip to Rann of Kutch

The serenity of Kutch is certainly known to everyone who has visited and even to the one who hasn’t been there but has seen the photographs of that place. The Kutch tourism has unveiled the beauty of Kutch and made it possible for the people living in the other

Kutch’s Famous Works – Read about Handicrafts, Embroidery, and much more


Kutch is meant for exquisite handicraft and embroidery with vibrant colors and incomparable patterns. Embroidery with rich and ethnic outlook has made a notable contribution to the traditional embroidery renown in India. Practiced normally by women, embroidery is

What else can you expect from Kutch? – A Shopper’s Guide


Traveling is fun, and Shopping is need for everyone. Most of us admire travelling. And travelling is not just about visiting place, discovering places and collecting memories also counts in this exercise. The traditions and ethnics of any place can be recorded with into your modern amenities

The Arts of Kutch Explained in 6 Pictures

Arts of Kutch

The diverse, rich and creative culture of Kutch has made a supreme contribution to medieval culture of India. Once a destination by sea and land for people from Swat Valley, Middle East, and Africa, Kutch has a rich tradition of arts and crafts.Look at these six pictures and we are sure

Traditional Rogan Art of Nirona Kutch


When you go on the visit of the Great Rann of Kutch, you might get some spared time to visit some of the colorful villages on the way. If you look for a good place to visit, you come across a typical green board which announces the name of Nirona Kutch

Magnificent Kutch Handicrafts to Buy in Rann Utsav

kutch handicrafts

Traditional Kutchi handicrafts are carried on from generaton to generation. They are so beautiful and famous that they are exported overseas. These handicraft work is the piece of hard work carried out by artistic people of Kutch district. Various handicrafts include embroidery

One Of the Best Kutch Embroidery


Kutch dignifies itself with its most famous art form as embroidery work and Kutchi bharat, which is practiced by Kutchis, since eras. Kutch comprise of community of Rabaris, which owns this art form as their hobby, as well as their profession i.e. source for earning.

They have

Information About Rogan Art of Kutch


Kutch is the land of Art. People having different culture are interrelated in Kutch. People have developed a strong and a varied crafts tradition based on the precepts of utility and beauty.

With its distinctive use of beads, printing and threads practices to create colourful fabric

Know More about Handicrafts Work in Kutch


The rich and diverse creative traditions of Kutch live at the intersection of cultures and communities. Kutch was destination of sea trade from countries like Africa and Middle East. Kutch is constantly absorbing cultures from north, west and east as a border district. Kutch has



Kutch pottery is the topic that is going to be discussed below. As we all know Kutch has become famous in the aspect of entertaining many people as the famous rann utsav is held there. People not only from our country but also people from worldwide are