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Top Secret for the Award Winning Movie ‘Hellaro’

Well, let’s not start with the story of the award winning movie because we believe that most of you have seen it. The best film of 2019 depicts a story from the years of the past i.e., 1975 when women were not given equal rights. The movie tells about the culture

Gujarati Movie Sharato Lagu Shooting in Kutch

Along with Gujarat, Kutch is also growing and number of attractive and unexplored destinations are available Kutch for film shooting.  Number of Bollywood, Hollywood, Gujarati Folk Songs and TV Serials shooting done in Kutch till today and it’s drastically growing.

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Upcoming Bollywood Film Mohenjo Daro Shooting in Kutch

The Kutch, Gujarat has many attractions for tourism. And Kutch has also attractive places for films shooting. Many Bollywood, Hollywood, TV serials  shoot here like Midnight’s children, Gori Tere Pyar Main, Lagaan, Ram Lila, Refugee, D-Day, Good Road, R. Rajkumar, Ham


mohenjo daro kutch

We very well know that Hrithik Roshan was one of the most romantic heroes at a particular time. He is very famous for his films full of love stories. And now we here discuss about the Hindi movie of Hrithik Roshan which is Mohenjo Daro. This movie