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Don’t miss out the Gujarat’s own International Kite Festival

kite festivalKite Festival, drawing the empty sky into a canon full of colorful fascinating kites resembling like a free bird, Uttarayan is an ubiquitous celebration to replenish the commencement of year with colors flying high from dawn to dark! Gujarat is renowned for its Kite Festival every year in January, the 14th. It’s said that it is good to celebrate every day, and so is with the people of Gujarat. With Kites flying sky high, Rooftops overjoyed with people, Uttarayan is one of the most imperative festivals from tots to grown-ups. With the delightful Winter Winds of Gujarat, The Kite Festival leads a splendid activity observed in Gujarat.

The International Kite Festival is a foreground for Kite Flyers and Visitors to experience the Kite Flying Celebration at a superlative level. Traditionally named as the Uttrayan festival by Hindus, with time the occasion now is a part of every individual to serve happiness and joy in a unique way.

Just like every year, large Visitors commemorate the spirit with uniquely designed kites and kite flying techniques from around the world discovering massive diversity in an exclusive way.  With unsurpassed Kite shapes and layouts, one can witness, Giant Kites with bizarre cartoons, Enormous Dragons with strong colors and hews, Kites depicting slogans and cultural enormities, its one in whole of an Entertaining Skyline. With eventful surprises to replenish with warm and wintry environment, there are a lot of options to make this festival more enthusiastic.   The Traditional Food served in during the time of Uttarayan can make a healthy eatery option for the day, and with wonderful ceremony advents like musical and dance shows, food stalls and creativity corners, the occasion can be looked forward as an eminent happening in various places of Gujarat.

Kite Enthusiasts get cringed right a week before with a drastic excitement, buying things like Manja (threads), Kites (locally name Patang), sunscreens and protective glasses to make the Kite Flying a remarkable experience. Not just that, kite warriors are full ready in tract to make best of their flight with their kites. From dawn to the dark, people hangout over the terrace enjoying the wintry winds and having winter foods to boost during the day. At evening, Tukkal are one of the prior sights to witness in the night sky, with vibrant crackers and other lighting essentials, people follow the traditional tukkal attached with their white kites to make an amazing night glance to watch out for.

Also, Kutch can be envisioned as the most pleasing during the time with The Rann Utsav, International Kite Festival at this place adds stars to the sky. Kutch’s esteemed vast land takes place as an attractive ground for Kite Flyers. The enchanting white Lands with pretty Kites are an admirable combination to view at the seascape. The International Kite Festival showcases best of the seascape into a joy filled environment, visit the cherishing land of Kutch to experience unparalleled festivity.