Kutch’s Tour: Wild Life Sanctuary for the Great Bustard

Bustard Sanctuary Kutch

The Kutch’s Bustard Sanctuary is a stupendous Wild Life wonder for the Great Indian Bustard. The Great Indian Bustard has its own prominence in Indian geographical feature, with an aim to protect this wild life, Kutch’s sanctuary’s initiative for these

Flamingo City in Kutch


A low-lying stretch of land that alternates between lagoon and desert, Rann of Kutch is the home of beautiful pink flamingos. These birds fly here from central Asia after each monsoon to build their nests, breeding in shifts through

Dasada – Perfect to Explore Wild Beauty of Kutch


The Little Rann of Kutch is spread over 4950 sq. km. and is a home of a range of different habitats like marshes, saline desert plains, rocky and thorn scrub to lakes, and arid grasslands. It has a bird sanctuary which is a well known and huge bird watching site. Birds migrate

Capturing the beautiful sight of different stunning birds at Kutch


Have you heard about the stunning migratory birds, which flies beautifully on the lands Kutch?Rann is considered to be the ideal place, for enjoying most mesmerizing view of countless migratory birds.

During winters, flamingos and pelicans of variant sizes, fly in a graceful manner



Little Rann of Kutch is the topic discussed below. As well know about Kutch as a place of attraction as it entertains us every year with the name of Rann utsav



Chari Dhandh

is the topic discussed below. This Lonely Place is really enjoyable and it is especially for an individual who steps out in chase of the fauna and flamingoes inhabiting at the Wetland Conservation Reserve of Chanri-Dhand. Here’s a