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Know about the Pilgrimages of Kutch: The Mystical Narayan Sarovar

narayan sarovar kutchNarayan Sarovar is a popular pilgrimage for the Hindus, being one of the pious river ghat across over the Kori Creek. It lies near the Lakhpat Taluka in Kutch and holds a temple with fortified wall surrounding.

Importance: Narayan Sarovar

A 100Km away from the regional capital Bhuj, Narayan Sarovar was one times prior pilgrimage point due to its river, having a spiritual significance. The Mythology comes with the Hindu Purans where Panch-Sarovar is mentioned. Mansarovar, BinduSarovar, Narayan Sarovar, Pampa Sarovar, and Pushkar Sarovar stood as the religious insights since that time. Also it has been said that Vallabhacharya has visited this place during his lifetime, marking it sacred for the follower of Pushtimarg.

Fairs of Narayan Sarovar

Two significant times of the Narayan Sarovar is the Fair Time during Chaitra and Kartik Hindu Calendar months which accounts as April-May and November-December times respectively. This part of Western Region of India witnesses a spiritual celebration during the time. Also funeral ceremony is made to perform that has a pious importance in the Hindu Dharma.

What else?

Narayan Sarovars’ Religious importance dates back from really a deep histories, and thus Hindus believe that visiting the pious river and worshipping the temple enthralled across the Sarovar is an important part of doing for a lifetime.

Narayan Sarovar has a Wildlife Sanctuary, the Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary. You can find some quiet time to witness the rare Chinkaras, Red Antelopes. avails special offers for touring the diverse inspirations of Kutch. Know about packages and other sight of Kutch. Let us know about your Travel Plan and desired destinations, we can bring you a customized trip plan for Kutch.