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Guide to: Planning a Kutch Tour

How it feels to be on a Kutch Tour?

Kutch forms an amalgamation of culture, tradition, wildlife, pilgrimages, nature, and every sort of importance that one can imagine to. Kutch’s esteemed much because of its Arial importance with respect to past trades and commerce, and the Kingship rules during the time. And if you have chosen to make your trip worth more different with Kutch, you’re probably going to discover plenty of amazing moments.

Kutch tour Guide offers special standard tour packages to cope up with your limited time and endless sights. Also if you’re particularly willing for any inspirational visit of your choice we give you chance to create a customized package that can add on endless gaining in your entire trip.

Commencing Your Trip:-

Bhuj is the main capital region of Kutch hence you will have to reach here to start with your trip. With a traveling of 65Kms through hodko village you can reach the White Desert, prior places of Kutch. Kutch’s villages are more of an inspiration as the people there in have cultural profession that is solely much creative than you think of. The White of Rann of Kutch forms an eternal spot to experience unusual Nature and the wide skyline. You can plan your stay at themed resort of Kutch that can grant you an ideal experience of Mud hut style Living.

Kutch is good time for visiting during the mild winters where the salt gets accustomed over the sea banks forming a glorious view not lesser than any white snow sheet on a big stretch. Also, the Moon light view and the Kutch’s desert is a much awaited time during the season where the whole seen is illuminated by the moon light.

With the Kutch Desert safari, you can return back to the main provinces ‘Bhuj’ to experience some typical Kutch city life. Bhuj was one time best center for trade and commerce and the Rulers here made Bhuj more esteemed as they dwelled here. You can plan your visit to the two beautiful Mahals – Prag and Aina Mahal. These two can bring on the spirit of traditional picture of Kutch with big enormous palaces depicting vanity of the ruler and their queens.

Little more about Bhuj can be sighted at the Kutch Museum being the central Kutch Museum it can be a good knowledge spot. Hereby some religious happening can be considered visiting the white marbled ‘Swaminarayan temple’ which forms biggest in Kutch. It depicts really beautiful marble carvings and a peaceful ambience to be in.

Rising on towards the extreme banks of the Arabian Sea, Koteshwar Mahadev is another marvel that will make you feel the power of the primitives. Koteshwar Mahadev is a renowned Shiva temple that has an interesting story behind it. Mounted over the top of a hill and facing the vast and endless sea, Koteshwar will make you feel how small you are against the endless nature.

Narayan Sarovar is another pious site for the Hindu Devotees making it a sacred place of visit at least once in their life time. Narayan Sarovar resides on the Bank of River and hence becomes one of the 5 pious rivers of India that hold religious importance.

Kutch is possibly an endless trip with pilgrimages to make you feel rested and natures to make you awestruck because of its extreme unusual. Visit Kutch to experience the ultimate ubiquity through every possible being.

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