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Things to Know Before You Reach The Vijay Vilas Palace

vijay vilas palace
You may call it as the Beach Mansion for the Jadeja rulers, or the Beautiful Palace on the sea banks, or just the Mandvi’s Summer Palace, n all aspects the Vijay Vilas Palace is one of the sandstone jewel of Mandvi.

Who’s who of the Vijay Vilas Palace!!!

Summer Resort – Vijay Vilas Palace, built during the reign of Maharao Khengarji III, the construction started during 1920 – 1929. On the name of his son and Kingdom, Yuvraj Shri Vijayaraji, Vijay Vilas Palace is a rich mansion at the white sea-banks of Mandvi, Kutch.

Palace Peculiar

The Sandstone Palace, Vijay Vilas has prior with Rajput Architecture style drawing trace from the Orchha and Datia Palaces, with domes of enormous sizes on the pillars and Bengal domes besides. The windows and doors in here draw much of Stained Glasses colored with beautiful designs. The Jharokhas, which have been an Indian – Mughal symbol of beauty, locally called Jali’s or Grills are stone carved with intricate designs.

Jali’s, Jharokhas, Chhatris, Chhajas, Murals, and all other artistic contributions have been made that depicts craftsman architecture from Rajasthan, Bengal, saurashtra and local Kutchi.  The Palace altogether stands as an amalgamation of beauties from all regions. The Poch and the balconies are extended and the terrace is open with a pleasant view of the white sea-line. Beautifully set Gardens and fountains are a mere piece of attraction giving a soundful look.

Fames of the Palace

Various Film Shoots have been popular with Vijay Vilas Palace like the classic hit of Bollywood ‘Hum dil De Chuke Sanam’ and the incomparable ‘Lagaan’. Vijay Vilas Palace has got its own Private Beach with accommodation standards too. The Palace has separate norms for the Visitors making it more glorious with a museum inside depicting the life of the Royal Family of The Princely State of Kutch. Ranjit Vilas’s royal family resides at this palace.

And Don’t Miss this Point

It also offers a Royal Guest camping at the palace estates, with each Tented Room featuring the British Style Accommodations at the privately owned beach. With colonial wooden Furniture and Patios, and Thatched Open-sided Restaurants with beautiful sea lines on the white sand, Vijay Vilas Palace is a giant piece of Royals on the Sands of Mandvi.

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