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Why Travel to Rann Utsav 2014-15 ? Some Great Reason to Book Rann Utsav Tour


Often, one gets so lost in the commercialised pleasures of life that they blatantly ignore the sheer beauty in the events that have much more joy. One such miracle is the Rann Utsav 2014-15, an event of happiness, a festival of joy, colours, music, and dance, for which any amount of distance you have to travel is a minor hindrance. An event held in the beautiful land in Kutch, this festival, typically taking places around November-December, sees participation of tradesman, artisans, craftsmen, performs and visitors from all over the world who wish to bathe in a confluence of culture that is unlike anything ever witnessed before.  It is a celebration of a land and a celebration of its people where music and dance transgress each other’s boundaries to blend into an act of pure enjoyment. It is an amalgamation of colours that lends to pure perfection. This festival of joy, on a wintry night under the glory of the moon, is one to witness.

The festival shall be held on the full moon night in the month of December. The cultural influence in Kutch has been deeply integrated into the society and the Rann Utsav 2014-15 stands as testament to the fact. The people are extremely proud of the same. The natural grandiose of Kutch and its vast landscapes lends to the beauty of this festival and makes for a wonderful trip. The indigenous cultural and ethnical flavour of the people of this place can be gauged by the gusto in their music, the tempo in their dance, all of which you shall graciously and willingly be a part of, should you choose to attend the three-four day carnival called Rann Utsav 2014-15. The colourful fairs will take your breath away and the unabashed zeal of the people is an infectious as it is refreshing.

One can further explore the areas nearby, which must be added to one’s itinerary when their Rann Utsav bookings are under way. The flora, fauna and avifauna in this region are brilliant and the various wild life sanctuaries, homes to predominantly the Indian Wild Ass, stand as a witness to the same. The natural beauty of places like Narayan Sarovar Lake and the Banni Grasslands leaves one breathless, whereas for the history buffs in you, a visit to the Vijay Vilas Palace, Dholavira and Prag Mahal is a must.

The festival is visited and enjoyed by nearly nine thousand tourists from around the globe. It is in fact one of those rare moments when cultures from everywhere, including the cultures on both sides of the border, meet to celebrate one culture: The culture of Kutch.