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Wonder Of Kutch

Below we have presented a list of such places that must find a place in your itinerary should you choose to visit the great state of the West:

The Rann of Kutch: If you find a competent Kutch tour guide who is willing to show you around as much as you desire, you will probably still fail to see everything of what the White Rann has to offer, for there is plenty. From its numerous wildlife sanctuaries to grasslands, from its diverse flora to its varied avifauna, the White Rann is an explorer’s dreamland and a Kutch Tour Guide’s pride. Ask your our guide to also take you to the various ports it harbours for the view is breathtaking. The palaces in this region too are ancient and deserve more than a passing cursory glance.

What’s more, you could find yourself in for a treat should you choose to visit in the November-December period since the Rann Utsav celebrations are in full swing. An amalgamation of cultures with dance, music, art, handicraft and merriment, one can simply not go wrong or empty handed from participating in this wonderful event. The Rann Utsav has gained worldwide recognition for its unique spirit and sees participation from both sides of the border and all around the country, making it an event that is one of a kind.

Vijaya Vilas Palace: This was once a summer home for the erstwhile kings of Kutch, situated in Mandvi in Kutch, Gujarat, India, constructed during the tenure of Maharao Shri Khengarji III for the enjoyment of his son and heir. The carved stone works of Jalis, Jharokas, Chhatris, Chhajas, comprising of various other artistic stone carvings are a delight for an enthusiast.  A cool wind sea roves around the house, making it an ideal spot for a summer holiday. Currently, the palace has its own private beach and earlier found use as a air-conditioned place of accommodation for a tourist. Various film shoots have also favoured this as a location for their shooting. A closer view of gate, one can see name plate – Vijaya Vilas – on top of entrance. It has since become a permanent residence of the royal family of Kutch. This palace is also home to a museum.

Dholavira is the largest excavation of the Indus Valley civilization, Lothal being second to it, dating back over four thousand years. It is the home of the Harappan culture, one of the earliest civilizations anywhere in the world. The region is widely lauded as one of the best constructed ancient cities and well planned system with a brilliant drainage system that is second to none, the proof of which lies in the revelations of the various excavations, laid bare for the world to see. The ancient Indus script, still not deciphered and the coins found in this region are also in display, as are the tools developed by the Harappans for easy living, giving the visitor a look into the ingenious minds of the people of the Harappan civiliation.

The Mandvi beach in Gujarat is another such place that must find a mention on your list of places to visit. Situated on the coastline of the state, near Diu, it is one of the few beaches featuring in the list of beaches to promote tourism in the state of Gujarat. One can enjoy the sunset and a good walk along the coast on a cool day. Another place one might want to visit is the Narayan Sarovar. Narayan Sarovar Lake, Kutch, is one of the most favored, visited and well-liked tourist places in the district of Kutch, with its significance as a religious Hindu site drawing visitors from around the country. Here is a confluence of five holy lakes making it a revered spot. It is most famous in mythology for an incident wherein when the region surrounding this area was suffering a drought; Lord Vishnu blessed them with the water. The spot is ideal for photography and the main attractions are the numerous temples known as the Narayan Sarovar Temples.

Gujarat thus has a lot to offer, if only one is willing to freely explore.