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The Wonders of Little Rann you can discover Wild Ass, Flamingos, Pelicans – Best Kutch Tour and Desert Safari with Kutch Tour Guide

The ethereal and natural beauty of the Little Rann of Kutch is on that is impossible to translate into words. The dry expanse of land may seem unwelcoming initially but there is nothing quite like it. The swift breeze and cool texture on the most humid of evenings is a balm to your scorching woes.  The vast land is relentless and an explorer’s dream, only if you wish to be drawn in by its allure.

The Little Rann of Kutch largely sees two stretches of landscape, those being the White Desert and the Brown Desert. It is within this dry, arid brown expanse of desert that one will come across the largest wildlife sanctuary of India, the Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary, home to the only surviving population of the exquisite Asiatic-Indian Wild Ass. Locally known as the “Gudkhur”, it is often commonly mistaken as a donkey. However, the Wild Ass is a member of the Horse family, which you shall realize as soon as you witness it galloping away at great speeds.

The sanctuary is also rich in its avifauna which you might come across on a Desert Safari. Bird enthusiasts will be treated to a plethora of flamingos, pelicans and common cranes, especially in the months of the chilly winter. One may also enjoy relishing looking at the Southern Grey Shrike, usually found in large numbers together, whose wings change colours repeatedly courtesy the silver-grey countenance of its feathers.

Finding a Wild Ass in this large expanse of land may be a difficult task at times, since they have the instinct to flee at the smallest hint of invasion or danger. It may bode well for you to engage a local guide or a villager for your desert safari on your Kutch Tour. Upon entering the Sanctuary from Dhrangadhra, you will also be furnished with a local guide to guide you through your desert safari. Vehicles are charged at Rs. 250 on weekdays and Rs. 310 on weekends. Your local guide will further expect you to shell an additional Rs. 100 for the same, which is an accepted rate. The costs are minimal and the sights are beautiful. If you can ensure that your guide is an experienced one and a local or a Kutchi, you will further ensure a great experience.

The Indian Wild ass is an exquisite animal, usually found in the sanctuary in herds. A glossy coat of brilliant chestnut hair covers their upper bodies, a feature by which one may distinctively recognize them. However one may not want to get too close for thy have a tendency to dash at any hint of danger.