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Know More about Handicrafts Work in Kutch


The rich and diverse creative traditions of Kutch live at the intersection of cultures and communities. Kutch was destination of sea trade from countries like Africa and Middle East. Kutch is constantly absorbing cultures from north, west and east as a border district. Kutch has become a great platform for Handicrafts work like Embroidery, Hand Block Printing, Wood Carving, Iron Bell with Copper, and Seashell Toys.

Exquisite Embroidery work

Kutch is more famous for its visiting place as well for its Handicraft wok and thread work over the entire world. One of the most easily identifiable styles of embroidery from Kutch is distinguished by the use of mirrors, beads, effervescent colours, and extensive and intricate needlework that beautifies the fabric on which it is based. Embroidery involves the use of silk or woollen thread in fine stitches to create elaborate patterns. A world wide recognized and very popular Kutchhi Handicraft Work is the Ghagra Choli, especially worn during Navratri season. It is believed that this unique style of embroidery was brought about by a group of wanderers associated with Karna of Mahabharat who are called Kathi cattle breeders. Today, Kutch embroidery is not only seen in garments and encompasses different artefacts like bags, mobile covers and jackets.

Traditional Hand Block Printing

Kutch is also a native soil of different hand block printing textiles like Batik prints, Rogan painting, and Ajrakh prints. The cloth or fabric which is to be printed is laid on flat tables and impressions are made using the beautifully carved blocks. This is how the hand block printing is done.

Wood Carving

A master piece of handicrafts is Wood Carving. It is the confluence of cultures linked across the Kutch. Different beautiful carved works include pastel roller, bottles, chapatti disc, glass, small table etc. The suthar and Harijan communities from villages like Ludia and Dumrao are continuing this work of carved wood art today.

Iron Bell with Copper Coating

Local maldhari bharwads and bharwads uses metal bells to communicate with their cattle. These are Iron Bell with copper coating bought from bell makers. The bell is made up of waste copper and iron. They are referred by their sizes that range in 13 different patterns. The craftsman set the sound and tone till the purchaser feel convinced. These bells are becoming famous in foreign markets as church bells.

Colourful Seashell Toys

If you are passionate of collecting handicrafts items such as seashells, Seashell toys are the best choice for you. After the animals living inside the seashells have dried up, the shells are used to make seashell toys. Different toys comprises of animals, birds, plants and even gods & goddesses.