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Rann Utsav Packages and Tent Booking

Rann Utsav is a carnival of Dance
, Music, and Traditions that enhance the beauty. It is held in the White Rann near Dhordo village from December till Holi. This year also it has kick started and will last till 23rd February, 2016. Rann of Kutch Best time to visit is in the December when New Year’s Eve is celebrated in the middle of the desert.

It feels like heaven on the Earth during the Rann Utsav festival time. People from more than 20 countries visit this unique festival and celebrates it with their friends and family. Tourists explore the unique culture of Kutch and its traditions. They shop local handicraft items here and visit nearby places. In one line, we can say this trip is a bunch of “magical moments”.

Kutch Tent City

A huge tent city is built in the middle of the White Desert where people stay. The whole Rann Utsav site is spread over 1.5 million square meters making the tent city most unique offering in this part of the world. We can say that it is the perfect combination of rustic and modern. The tent has got all the modern facilities but you will be in the middle of desert where you couldn’t feel more at home but like a Kutch Desert Tent. It is an amazing experience to see how this amazingly huge tent city is managed.

Rann Utsav Tour Packages

The 4 day Rann Utsav Tour journey has so much in store for the tourists. In this journey,

  • You could spend a day exploring the tent city, go for a camel safari, or hot air ballooning and attend musical and dance performances.
  • Take a day trip to the beach town of Mandvi, or the Indo-Pak border
  • Go for bird watching at the Narayan Sarovar

You could spend an entire day visiting nearby villages of Hodko, Bhirandariya, Ludiya which is also known as “Gandhi nu Gaam”, or khavda, all known for their handicrafts and artworks.

All this is included in your Kutch Tour Package. So if you are planning to book a Kutch trip for yourself, could do Kutch Rann Utsav Tent Booking online at our website