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Aina Mahal – The Mirrored Palace of Bhuj


Aina Mahal Kutch

Bhuj city of Kutch is famous of its palaces. Among all the places, the one which is the most famous and most beautiful is Aina Mahal or the Mirrored Palace. It is an 18th century palace that was built during the flamboyant rule of Maharao Lakhpatji who had a passion for music, art, architecture and literature.Here are some of the glimpse of the Aina Mahal which are must watch for every tourist:

1.    The Nagpanchami Ashwari Scroll

It is a 47 foot long scroll which depicts the royal procession of Maharao Shri Pragmalji II held annually during Nagapanchmi. This scroll was created by Juma Ebrahim in the year 1876. Juma Ebrahim was a marvelous artist who draw this beautiful scroll.

2.    Fuvara Mahal

As I mentioned earlier, Maharao Lakhpatji had a passion for music, art, architecture and literature, this part of the palace was built as an entertainment room. It is decorated with chandeliers from Belgium and lamps which are filled with colored water. This room is decorated by fine pieces of arts.

3.    Hall of Mirrors

The Hall of Mirrors was a royal dream of Maharao Lakhpatji. They dreamed of having a greatly crafted room which was turned into reality by craftsman Ramsinh Malam. Different Indo-European materials have been used in this palace.

4.    Ivory Door

This exquisite piece of work was built in 1708 when Maharao Godji II were the ruler. It is an amalgamation of inlaid ivory and fine carving.

5.    Hira Mahal

Hira Mahal is the bedroom of King. It has gold plated mirror frames adorn the room which are carved in Rococo style.It is called Hira Mahal because semi-precious stones were used into marble panels which are screwed into the walls.

6.    Darbal Hall

This is the place where the King held meetings. King sat facing his many noblemen according to their ranks. It has very beautiful 19th century sitting arrangements with wood carvings.

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