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Kutchi Cultural Folk Dance

Kutchi Cultural Folk Dance

The Kutch district in Gujarat is well known for its traditional and cultural values. Kutchi culture is famous for its creativities in arts and crafts. Different communities like nomadic and semi nomadic have kept the culture of Kutch alive today’s modern time also.

Kutchi dance is one of the many art forms of cultural activities. Folk dance of Kutch exist since many years. The most famous dance forms are Gajiyo and Dandiya raas.A number of festivals are celebrated in Kutch and these celebrations are accompanied with folk dance forms.

Gajiyo Dance

Gajiyo is Kutchi folk song which is very famous in the Region. Women of Kutch wear traditional cloths and perform traditional dance on this song. Gajiyo dance is performed in a circle where rings of Kutchi women revolve in cycles.

Dandiya Raas

Dandiya raas is another traditional folk dance of Kutch. This dandiya raas includes several styles such as mandae, naman, bhetiya, bariya, athiya, panchiya, and dodhiya. Men and Women revolve in cycles with small sticks in their hands and perform dance steps.

Sword Raas of Gadhvis

Gadhvi community of Kutch represent the real bravery of Kutchi people. They perform sword dance in which people from Gadhvi Community perform dance steps while sword in their both hands. They perform sword acts while dancing.

Other Dance Forms

Apart from these folk dance forms of Kutch, people also follow several Gujarati dance forms which includes Tippani Nritya, Dholi Nritya, and Manjira Nritya. In all these dances people use several instruments to produce music such as Dhol, Manjira, Ektaro, Tabla etc.

Being the largest district in India, Kutch has huge culture rich of different folk dance forms. And every tourist can witness these dances during Rann Utsav also when different artists perform folk dances in night activities below the dark sky in Rann’s natural beauty.

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