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Whenever we heard the name of Kutch, it automatically connects us with its ever glowing traditions and history, vibrant places etc., which are impossible to be overlooked.

Kutch contains many exciting places, which have their own characteristics and exclusive beauty, which can attract anyone.

One of such charming place in Kutch is White Rann of Kutch, which is the 2nd largest salt desert in whole world. It has the characteristic of being wet in rainy seasons, and dry in all other seasons. It can make anyone speechless, by its beauty.

Most wonderful achievement made by tourism of Gujarat, is organizing the Rann Utsav festival at Rann of Kutch.

Rann Utsav is the biggest festival, which involves many events and activities, which are spellbound like cultural dance performances, art and craft exhibitions, camel safari,traditional Kutchi cuisine, camp fire with games, star gazing, Archery, Rifle shooting etc.

It is held during winters, from October to February. Lot of efforts are required to organize and manage it,for which preparation starts very early.

It is popular worldwide,and tourists in high numbers visit Kutch, just to enjoy and this festival.

It also provides accommodation in awesomely decorated tents and bhungas, which gives you feeling same as your homes. You can free yourselves at the white crystals of desert, which shines like diamond in full moon nights, and dance like anything.

You can also be part of this festival, and relish it in your own way. For this, you just have to book yourselves, for the upcoming 2015 – 2016 Rann Utsav festival with Kutch tour guide.

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