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Camel Ride at White Desert

Camel Ride at White Desert Located in Kutch district and That Desert, White Desert of Kutch is a perfect place for those who love adventure. This white desert of Kutch was originally surreal especially on full moon nights. Every year tens of thousands of people traipsing around the Rann of Kutch, break the salt crust on the sand and hence all that’s left is a muddy brown salt marsh.The Great Rann of Kutch which is one of the largest seasonal wetlands offers a rare opportunity to tourists during Rann Utsav visit it. Especially the oldest but the best way to explore the beauty of White Desert, Camel Safari.

Rann Utsav is celebrated during winters every year with the help and support of Gujarat Tourism. This festival has created a new identity mark of Kutch district on global tourism map. This festival offers a glimpse of the incredibly diverse attractions of Kutch and many exciting activities like Traditional Garba Dance, Cultural Act Shows, Musical Concerts, Camel Ride or Desert Safari, Live-in Tent City, Spa and Meditation and many other sports activities.

From all these, one of the most exciting activity is the camel ride or camel safari. Tourists can have a small journey on camel carts across the plains to the selected site in the white desert. During this activity tourists can witness the beauty of the sunset at white desert in the clear sky.

Riding the decorated camels on the white sands of the Great Rann of Kutch is an unequalled experience that one have in his/her life. The most thrilling part is when the camel gets up and sits down. You will feel like you are literally falling off. When riding you will feel the bumpy moments. This camel ride is an ideal way to experience unlimited and unsurpassed enjoyments at this desert.There are a score of exciting and presentable ventures, apt for any holiday.

Booking a Kutch Tour Package

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