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Kutchi Habitats – Traditional Bhunga Huts

Kutchi Habitats – Bhunga

Kutch is the largest district of India located in the state of Gujarat. People of Kutch are famous for their hospitality and traditions. One of the traditions is their Bhunga houses. They are unique houses which show how Kutchi people are rich of architectural knowledge.

These circular houses are walled with thatched roof and worldwide known for their structural stability during any natural calamities, simplicity and beauty. These strong mud house houses protect people from earthquakes, sandstorms and cyclonic winds.


These kutchi bhunga are constructed from locally available materials such as timber, bamboo, and clay. The roof of bhunga is placed on two thick wooden posts which are placed across the circular walls. These two posts are such a strong that they can bear the weight of whole roof. This thatched roof is built on top of the walls resting on a spiral frame forming a cone.

Windows are framed with wooden material and set at a lower level that allows cross-ventilation. Architects keep the roofs low hanging so that direct sunlight can be avoided from entering home plus they help insulating from the environment.

The main peculiarity of Kutchi bhunga is its circular design. Due to this round shape, it can stand strong during earthquake.


These beautiful homes require regular maintenance which includes application of lime plastering or lipai to entire floor and walls. They also require the replacement of dried grass on the thatched roof. Outside walls of mudhouse are decorated with colorful and beautiful paintings while interiors are decorated with mirror work and traditional furniture.

Climate Protection

These bhunga has thick walls which are less penetrative to heat. Additionally lipai plaster is less conductive which adds thermal comfort inside the house. Due to its circular shape, external walls can avoid direct sunlight hit on it. This makes these bhungas most comfortable during summer.

An Opportunity to Stay

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