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Chadva Rakhal Tour


A private property of the Royal Family of Jadeja of Kutch, the erstwhile still remains off the beaten track the hunting ground of ruler of Kutch State. Just 15 km away from Bhuj, we can see the biggest town and head quarters of Gujarat in Kutch District, called Chavda Rakhal which simply means Estate of ‘Chavda’s.

 The travel guide of the Chadva Rakhal

We can reach there from the Mata Na Madh highway in Bhuj and taking the left at Simatra Village which is about 8 km away from the Bhuj through kutch tour.

And thereafter for about 5 km travelling on the single metalled road and then take a diversion to the left after about 5 km where you can see an old marking on a stone which is written ‘Pragsar’ in Gujarati.

We can see an ancient gate with pillars for the entrance to the estate which looked like made of slate slabs. From another half km inside the estate we can go to the Pragsar Lake which actually is home of numerous and different types of fishes and about 300 crocodiles. There is an old structure called Lake Side bund which is made of stone on one end with inscriptions which is written in an ancient Kutch script.

There is a jungle which is surrounding it is dense with babool, banyan, ancient teak, and numerous other herbs and trees. In an undated pat with a number of ruins of structures, even during day the forest is pretty spooky.