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Vijay Vilas Palace is the topic discussed below. This palace has been recently become n tourist spot recognized by the Indian government but it actually belongs to old civilization. Overlooking the sea of Arabians the place called Mandvi (belongs to Kutch area) is one of the recently constructed places that has got a good name and fame in the recent years. It is a symbolic representation of curves that are really awesome that are seriously built of ancient rock and other extra materials that are really old in fusion with architectural style of Kutch’s local part, Rajasthan and Bengal areas. It was constructed as a time pass meant as retreat in those days by the king named Vijay in 1920’s and named after the then crown prince. The rest of the ruling royal family resided in that palace after their original residence is almost nearby Bhuj which is the arid region of state of Gujarat and was partly destroyed in an Earthquake in the year 2001.

Vijay Vilas palace is the symbol of beautiful landscapes and sculptures that are done on the wall of it represent the people there. Kutch travel is also another important aspect as it is also required to know to reach this palace. The innovative red sand stone palace is located in the middle of a big garden which moves on all over the border of Arabian Sea. Guide is required a lot as the place has many diversions and books are not enough to explain the greatness of these ancient sculptures.