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Experience the Ancient Ramkund Stepwell at Bhuj Kutch

Ramkund Stepwell at Bhuj Kutch
Kutch district is famous for some of its ancient attractions. This district was in existence in ancient times of Ramayana and Mahabharat. Some reports show that it was present in the time of Lord Rama and Ravana.  Ramkund stepwell is the ultimate proof that Kutch existed at that time. It is one of the very old places located at Bhuj city of Kutch.

Ramkund stepwell is a square shaped well with a distance of 56 feet on its side carrying the sculptures of characters like Lord Rama, Devi Sita, Lakshman and Lord Hanuman from our great old epic Ramayana. It also has 10 incarnations of our lord Vishnu spread all through walls.

This wall is located across the Kutch museum which is located near Ram Dhun Temple. When you visit this stepwell and go downwards using stairs near water, you will feel divine calmness and coolness and you will realize that it was not present above at the road. If you want to feel calm and have the divine experience, you must visit this place once when you are on the tour of Kutch. Here one can experience a reflection of his personal experience in the quiet atmosphere. Also if you are on a visit to Ramkund stepwell, you should also visit Ram Dhun Temple which is located near to it.

How to Reach

You can visit this place by road, by rail or by air. You will find many busses from Ahmadabad and reach Bhuj in an overnight journey. If you are planning to travel by rail, two daily trains depart from Ahmedabad to Bhuj which will take approx 8 hours to reach. Once you reach Bhuj, you can opt for private Autos or sharing Chhakdas to reach to this location.

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