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Information About Rogan Art of Kutch

b14Kutch is the land of Art. People having different culture are interrelated in Kutch. People have developed a strong and a varied crafts tradition based on the precepts of utility and beauty.

With its distinctive use of beads, printing and threads practices to create colourful fabric ornamentations Kutch has always been very popular in recent days. Each village in Kutch has a different tradition and different art.

Today I would like to introduce the famous Rogan Art of Nirona, Kutch. Nirona is a small village located near Banni in Kutch. It is very famous for its crafts work. Having a variety of craftsman, there are different Colors of village Nirona.

Rogan art is an ancient Persian skill which came down before around four hundred years to Kutch. It is the crafts work which is pursued to beautify different fabrics. The discerning eye will be able to distinguish this form while it may appear like fabric painting.

“Rogan Kaam” does not use any prior sketched pattern and is a free hand painting style. It is done with a six inch long metal stylus. Stylus is dipped into the colour and carefully turned to wrap the Rogan around it. This detailed work is done on one side of the fabric and then folded into half to get a mirror image on the other side of the fabric.

The Rogan work takes time to be done on a small fabric. The time taken is depends on the type of fabric and the complexity of the work. It may take from few days to few months also. The colours are added and then painting is done again after drying. It takes around two days to dry up. While painting symmetric patterns, to reduce the efforts, the fabric is folded from the centre to get the impression on the other half.

Apart from Rogan Crafts man, traditional maker of cow bells and iron bells also live in Nirona village. These iron bells are made with bronze and copper. One can buy them indifferent sizes and shapes, emitting melodies which are soft yet carry sonorously through their desert air.

If you are planning a Kutch travel then do visit this small village Nirona during your journey and you will definitely be glad that you did. “Rogan Kaam” is now practiced only in Nirona village in all over India. If you are thinking to hire a professional travel consultancy to offer a best Kutch travel package then Kutch Tour Guide is the one for you. You can visit our website to get further details.