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Kutch – Land of Festivals & Fairs


Kutchi people are closely attached to culture & tradition of Kutch. It is the land of Festivals and Fairs by which the real culture and tradition are revealed. Many god and goddess cultural festivals are included in Kutchi people’s life. Religion and religious fairs are co-connected in Kutch’s culture. You can enjoy all these fairs and festivals with very affordable Kutch tour packages. Here are some of the fairs those are celebrated with joy and happiness.

Jakkha’s Fair

This is the largest fair being celebrated in Kutch. It is celebrated for continuously three days People, in the time of Navratri, come by waling to this fair from different villages. Traditional dresses and a pinch of Kutch’s real culture are seen in this fair. People sing songs at night times and enjoy this fair.

Hajipir’s Fair

This fair is celebrated in the memory of saint “hajipir”. Not only Muslims, but people of all religion participate in this famous fair. This fair represents the true non-secularism of Kutch. It is located near about 100 kilometres from Bhuj city.

Mandvi’s Ravadi Fair

This fair is held on the day of Janamastami. There are two fairs related to this festival. One is the “Nani Ravadi Fair” and another one is “Moti Ravadi Fair”. On the next day the city have “Rathyatra” where the deities of their god are taken out in a procession to temple.

Dada Mekan Fair

On very holy festival of mahashivratri, this fair is celebrated for the remembrance of the great saint of Kutch, “Dada Mekan”. He has spent his whole life in dessert to help anyone lost in the great ran of Kutch, with the help of their great partners a dong and a donkey.

Bhujia Fair

This fair is celebrated at the famous hill “Bhujiyo” which is located in the city of Bhuj. This fair is celebrated to pray “Naag Dev” the god of snakes. The temple of “Naag Dev” is located at the top of bhujia hill.

Other fairs and festivals celebrated in Kutch are:

  • Shitala Mata Fair
  • Ravechi Mata Fair
  • Jesal-Toral Fair
  • Ashapura Mata Fair
  • Ramdev Pir Fair

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