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The world’s largest salt desert is the Great Rann of Kutch that measures about 16,000 sq kms. We can describe it in this way, if it were a country, it will be much bigger than countries like East Timor, Jamaica and Qatar will be more than 3/4th the size of Israel.

To a wide array of flora and fauna, The Rann Utsav of Kutch is home. During diverse weather conditions, Migratory birds deem it an abode. For the Little Rann of Kutch and Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary, the Rann is very famous, where the Asiatic wild ass, last three species are (khar or Equus hemionus khur ) still exists along with nilgai antelope, wolves, jackals, foxes, blackbucks and chinkara gazelles as well as 13 species of lark.

Nowhere in this world will you find an amazing piece of geography. During the monsoons, it turns into marshy and then during the winters and summers back to its brilliant white glory. Between October and March is the best time to visit the Rann of Kutch.

As at times detailed information that concern tourists is not readily available, visiting Kutch can be a tricky proposition. Lack of hotels is the other stumbling block and near places of interest other amenities, which slowly takes a toll on the traveller.

To counter this, you can happily hire the services of a local guide and believe me that will be the best decision made on the trip. There are guides who are the local representatives of Doordarshan in Kutch and avid photographers. But their real passion as a premier tourist hub lies in contributing their time towards developing the region of Kutch.

It is a huge area with many entry points, as you can see it in the map of Kutch. It is suggested to see the white Rann desert from the “Ekal ka Rann,” the entry point which is named after a local temple where people spends night there

From Bhuj, “Ekal Ka Rann” is about 80 kilometres. To get to the Rann we will have to either hire a cab or rely on state transport buses although Bhuj is well connected by rail and road transport. You will be dropped at Bhachau Taluka by the government buses from where Chobari is about 25 kms. It is here, one finds Ekal’s great white desert right next to Chobari Village.

For reaching Kutch regular buses are available from Bhuj and from Ahmedabad, Baroda and from different cities of Gujarath. For reaching nearby places of Kutch it is always advised to hire a cab. The local guides provide visitors the complete day package along with the sightseeing and transport facilities.