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Lakhpat is defined as the ghost town of Gujarat state. Gujarat state has generally many tourist spots that attract you with their beautiful landscapes and spellbound weather. This attracted people not only from their local parts but also from the entire world to participate in the beautiful festival called ran utsav. Now lakhpat which is recently discovered and is growing day-day as a tourist spot as this has been the most mysterious town in Gujarat with many kinds of temples and new types of stones that are not seen in any other parts of the state or even the country. It is so called as the ghost town as it has some terrific stories behind it. Reaching lakhpat is not anymore a tough job as the people who reach Kutch can easily reach Lakhpat as it is situated all around this area. People there speak in various fashions about the town’s history.  This post is now available to you after a long lasting trip of Kutch twenty eight months ago.

The Gurudwara present there is very much famous as it has some features that let you go pleasant and have some inner peace.
I sit down there to remind the last picture of our memorable trip on the day which had reducing temperatures and of the beautiful spring season while staring at the glass of ginger tea which was not enough for me even I had it a lot of times. Kutch tour operator guides us through all these additional locations present all around Gujarat state.

Mainly as we have Hyderabad and Secunderabad as twin cities now we are going to discuss about such tomns in Gujarat state. They are Mandvi and lakhpat.

Mandvi is called as the port town where as lakhpat is called as the ghost town and both are really famous all around the areas of Kutch. 

Lakhpat is a town which is situated one hundred and forty kilometres from Bhuj region that is said to be the most arid region of Gujarat state, Kutch region and is enclosed by a fort wall that is of length seven kilometers which was built by the great Fahin mohammed. Kutch tour operator helps you in visiting around these places.

Not only this guy there is another man behind lot of landscapes of Lakhpat. He is none other than Usman bhai Khaleefa who is responsible for the sexiest interior design. There is also a tiny oasis present there which attracts many visitors. A Shiva temple is also present behind the gurudwara which is also said to be famous.

Kutch tour operator helps us a lot by explaining about all these important places including their history without any confusion.