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Kutch travel is the most important aspect in any of the circumstances as it leads the way to wonderful festival called Rann utsav. Kutch’s full moon is all about we are discussing now. The land of full moon sighted as land with rising sun as compared in the aspect of brightness as the full moon’s light is equal to the light of sun. Moon just seemed to be like a star containing millions of lighting gems as the way it appeared. Heaven felt that moon was lonely appeared to it and rather having a mismatch for hell. As I was standing there with slow breath by wondering how the beauty formed; I really felt amazing and was in confusion about the place where I stood. Full moon night gives us a lot of relief and joy.

Writing some novels about travelling is really a hard job as it includes the determination of defining things around and their importance in addition providing the experience what we felt for it. As a writer of travelling aspect I feel that we need to provide such realistic experiences included with pictures and a perfect definition so that she feels that she’s almost right at the spot. And sometimes it is really a hard job to describe some things that are beautiful than what we see and think of it. Great white desert is the most famous tourist spot for all the people out there and also for the people outside the world.

Full moon night has many more advantages as it provides us mental relief.