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Welcome to Rann Utsav 2014-15


The state of Gujarat is not unfamiliar to the large waves of tourists and backpackers. However, while the winters remain unkind as ever, it is in this treacherous season that the state of Gujarat extends its warmth farthest and the downpour of people seeking to visit borders on a little too many. The time of Rann Utsav 2014-15 is Gujarat’s homecoming and it is when the Rann of Kutch is as its beautiful best.  One must head to the land of the white sand to relish the best of winter and the best of Gujarat.

Why, you ask? Because of the sheer number of pleasures that await you this Kutch tour. Innumerable and exciting events include a variety of adventure sports, such as Para-motoring, wall climbing, ATV riding, and much more.  Rann Utsav 2014-15, like every other edition of the festival brings you the collection of the most gorgeous artefacts in form of the beautiful clothes and jewellery whose splendour is unmatched. No one leaves empty handed, and none will be able to resist the display of the fantastic silver jewellery this Kutch tour. Further, one can hardly do better than a party with the folk music and modern music blasting through the speakers surrounded by merry Kutchis.  The manjira and bhorrindo, little known instruments, will drown the sound of everything else at Rann Utsav 2014-15.

The hospitality of the Gujaratis and the Kutch migrants is unparalleled and the confluence of different cultures makes it an amalgamation beautiful to witness.

And how can one forget the food? Prepare to gain a few extra kilos during this Kutch tour. The Rann Utsav 2014-15 will offer you a variety of delicacies from the region the mere aroma of which will leave you wanting more.

Kutch is a land where handicrafts bloom. Your pocket will hardly feel lighter but you will have amassed a wide assortment of those for your homes. The wall hangings are like nothing else. The wood-carving work, delicate and exquisite, is also something you might want to explore. The top of the pile, however, is the unmatched embroidery work that will not be found anywhere else. The beauty will have you gasping and it is advisable not to suppress your urges to take a few of these back home. The sea shell work is yet another liked item on display.

The hot air balloons are at Rann give you a chance to ride them and witness the beauty of this extraordinary land from high above. The Kite festival of Rann Utsav 2014-15 awaits you with as much gusto as it does every year for you to indulge in some cutthroat patangbazi!

To ensure that nothing about your stay this Kutch tour is drab, the Kutchis bring you unique accommodation options in the form of tents and mud huts, looking like they’re straight out of a movie set.