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Rakshak Van in the memory of valiant women of Madhapar kutch

Rakshak Van in the memory of valiant women of MadhaparWhen it comes to Kutch there’s nothing small, everything is grand. In this grandeur one more jewel is added, the “Rakshak Van”, which is garden or say mini forest located in the Kutch district. After achieving huge success in “Jal Kranti” (Water Revolution) across the state of Gujarat, the honorable chief minister has announced a yet new initiative, a yet new revolution called “Hariyali Kranti”(Green Revolution). This revolution focuses on intensive tree plantation around the water bodies such as lakes, rivers, ponds etc. The Rakshak van being a part of Hariyali Kranti was inaugurated at the auspicious day of guru purnima. The inaugural ceremony evidenced many honorable guests including Chief Minister of Gujarat Mr. Vijay Rupani, Forest Minister Mr Ganpatsinh Vasava, along with MP and MLAs to grace the appreciable initiative.

Rakshak vanThe “Rakshak van” named after the brave and courageous women of Kutch who rebuilt the airstrip of Bhuj airport in an overnight’s time. The story of these women dates back to December 8, 1971; this was the time during Indo-Pak war. When Pakistan dropped 14 nepalm bombs on Bhuj region and air strip in Bhuj was completely destroyed. The official took quick decision, that airstrip must be restored by the locals, so the local women of madhapar village, who were the daily wagers were given the task of restoring the airstrip. They completed this task in less than 72 hours, even in that horrible condition of war. They had to take shelter in bunkers when the siren calls; also they covered the strip with cow dung to camouflage the airstrip from the enemy’s plane. These women deserve every bit of respect they are getting.

Rakshak van is a fine place for nature lovers, for the one who enjoys the peace provided by Mother Nature. It is basically a garden spread out in a huge area, where anywhere you see, you see green. The places of these kinds gives you splash of oxygen in the world which is loaded with pollution. This garden or say mini forest is located at Saraspar village near Rudra Mata Dam. Here you can also visit the Rudra mata dam and rudrani temple. So you can enjoy a full day picnic with your near and dear ones by roaming around these three sites.

The festival of culture and Biggest Festival of India – Rann Utsav is around the corner, so why not to take advantage of both the adventures together. The bag packers around the world gather in Kutch to see the unadulterated beauty of nature and to witness the celebration of culture and colors of Kutch in Rann Utsav. Every year Rann Utsav is celebrated in the months of November to February. So come visit Kutch and see what you are missing.

How to reach: You can reach rakshak van by road; it’s around 11km from Bhuj city. The road are well constructed, also there are some in between scenic roads where you can click a picture or two.