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10 Places To Visit In Kutch (2018) Points Of Interest & Things To Do

There are many explored and also unexplored places in Kutch. Being a traveler main goal is to become a local of the place one is visiting. There are many tourists but not many travelers in the world. So either traveler or tourist Kutch is on everyone’s bucket list. So below are the top 10 places in Kutch you must not miss.

Mandvi Beach

Hello beach lovers! Gujarat is blessed with ample coastline, and Kutch being the largest district has a good share of the Gujarat’s coastline. There are many beaches in Kutch but Mandvi is the one which attracts maximum number of tourists. There’s a reason for that, because at Mandvi there are number of water sports such as Jet Ski, Speed boat etc. and other fun activities such as camel ride, horse ride, ATV ride, etc. So Mandvi is perfect blend for those who love adventures as well for the ones who just like to walk along the coast and enjoy the beauty of nature; also Mandvi is best place for collecting tons of photographs for your DPs and to make your friends jealous.

Rann of Kutch

This is the place due to which Kutch became so famous, and got the renowned tag line “Kutch nahi dekha to kuch nahi dekha”. Rann of Kutch where every year culture of Kutch is celebrated as Rann Utsav festival; Rann of Kutch is highly talked because it’s not mundane desert of sand dunes, it’s actually the white expand of salt; you see salt as far as your eye can see. During Rann Utsav a part of the desert is transformed to the tent city. Here tourists can enjoy staying at white desert for a night or two along with many other activities such as Para Gliding, Para motoring, game zone, etc.

Kalo Dungar

Welcome to the highest point of Kutch, this one’s for mountain people. Kalo dungar or black hill is at 462 meter of height thus becoming the highest point of the Kutch. Here one doesn’t need to climb up the hill as we can ride up there by vehicles. You might be thinking what’s up that hill? There’s a 400 year old temple of Guru Dattatreya and a small anecdote associated to it. The legend says that when Dattatreya walked from Black hill he watched the hungry jackals, since he had nothing to give to them he fed his body to them and body kept regenerating. Till date those jackals comes near temple every evening, but the difference is now they are fed with the rice. After worshipping you can go and watch the panoramic view of India’s border, white desert and also we can see Pakistan from this point.

Vande Mataram Memorial

This is the museum which immortalizes the courage and bravery of Indian freedom fighters. The museum resembles the Parliament of India structurally; inside visitors are shown various 3D films depicting the freedom struggle of India. It’s preferable to visit here at evening time so you can enjoy the façade show which lasts for 12 minutes, and on each minute you will be mesmerized by the perfection of the show.


Nirona is famous for its copper bell making, lacquer art and Rogan art. Rogan art of Nirona is famous worldwide; this is the piece of art which was gifted to president of the USA by our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. This is special kind of art which is done by using natural colors and castor oil; you can buy wall piece and dresses made by rogan. Also the copper bells made here produce the sweetest chime. Don’t forget them to add them to your shopping list.


Dholavira is the archeological site located in Bhachau taluka of Kutch. It’s famous, as the site contains the remains of the Harappa city. Dholavira is located on the tropic of cancer, and it’s one of the five largest sites belonging to Indus Valley civilization. You would be amazed to realize that the people of Harappa city developed the drainage system, fountains in their time. There is a museum and you would be able to roam around the site with a guide explaining you everything.  

Mata no Madh

India is known for its culture and the faith we Indians maintain in God. Mata no madh is the famous temple of Ashapura Maa (meaning fulfiller of every wish), where almost every believer visit once a year. Also in the festival of Navatri the pilgrimages reach this place by walking from various cities of India.


It’s one of the sparsely populated areas of Kutch, which is famous for the 18th century Fort walls. This fort is 7 km long and it encloses the village. There’s a tomb of Sufi Saint named Pir Ghaus Mohammed who was believed to have supernatural powers. Also there’s a Gurudwara here, it is believed that Guru Nanak stayed here when he was on his way to Mecca.

Chari Dhand

Chari Dhand is the wetland conservation reserve which is protected under the staus of protected forest in India. Here you can see various species of migrating birds, greater Indian flamingoes included. You can take a local person with you, so that you don’t get lost in your tracks. Also patience is must when you are out for bird watching.  This is located in Nakhatrana taluka of Kutch and is spread over the area of 80km2.


This city is heart of the district; it’s the center point from every aspect. Here you can enjoy shopping, eating various local dishes and the local parks and lakes. Bhuj is famous for Bandhej shopping, Bandhej is actually the local found art which is done on clothes, and you can buy bandhej sarees, dresses and kurtis. The foodies will be blessed in Kutch, because there are so many delicious local dishes such as Dabeli, Bhaji cone, Kadak etc. which keeps foodies drooling for more.