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Rann Utsav 2014-15 is the topic discussed below. The people present in that particular region bring their happiness and joy into action and make it alive in this atmosphere that is festive due to the celebration of Kutch Rann Utsav. This land has many events that make people often visit this place. The events provided here never make the people to get bored. It is a land that has festive mood and comprises of art, music, crafts, dance and people with kind hearted nature. People gather here during this main occasion of Rann utsav to make themselves dissolve in the river of happiness, this festival has already been started from 15th in the month of December and will be continued until 31st of the month January 2015, with a zeal and amusement as the festival gives us mental relief from all the issues such as stress and strain. Online booking has now become the present trend of booking tickets as people got way with that. Due to this online booking people are becoming lazy but feeling comfortable as the booking process is just one click away. The only thing they need is an ATM card and a password for that.

Kutch tour guide plays an essential role in all these events as he is the only person to provide information about the events to be conducted there and information and the reason behind celebration this fest is only known by this person. People visit from various places to thisregion and that is the reason in addition. He should obviously know many languages and various expressions to deal with the foreigners especially. An embarrassment of varieties that are different, wealth of design, culture’s luxury, large amount of music and dance, all together combined give us the same combined way of happiness in all the ways. The main tourism attraction is all of a salt desert. This desert has a color that is often rare and not seen anywhere. After touching the sand there you will have a abnormal feeling as it is of mud nature but different in color. Kutch tour guide also plays a major role in increasing revenue to the state. Cultural diversity is also seen there as many people are of different cultures.

Rann Utsav 2014-2015 is celebrated on a large scale as many tourists visited this place and made it successful by giving an excellent feedback about the event. The capital of Kutch called as Bhuj is a semi arid region full of crops and this is been decorated in such a way that people don’t believe it’s the capital of that city. People have a wonderful chance to participate in dance and all other events that go on continuing the whole night and which would be completed by early hours