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Rann Utsav: Booking Your Trip to the Land of Wonders

The Great Rann of Kutch celebrates the life during the Rann Utsav. It is a festival of celebrations, showing cultures and traditions of Kutch and Gujarat. Kutch is the landmark conferring elegance and grace where people from all around the globe gather and stay for more than 2 months. Rann Utsav 2015-2016 is turning out to be a riot of color sprinkled on the barren lands. Visitors get an excellent opportunity to experience the generosity and diverse traditions of Kutchi people who are famous for their hospitality.

When you are a huge travel-freak and bored of the typical vacations, resorts, boring swimming pools, hotel rooms and usual fusion cuisines, you got to be at some exciting place where you get an opportunity to discover something new.

When you sit in hot air balloon in the middle of White Desert, you find yourself at 600 feet above the ground viewing the largest saltmarsh and endless sand. You get an absolutely mind-blowing view from there, way beyond what you might have been imagined. Here are some of the glimpse of RannUtsav.

The Tent City

Tourists may not believe that where they stand, the entire land gets covered with water until a couple of months back from the RannUtsav starts. They entire tent city comes to life in the middle of the desert. The tent city is specially set up for the festival.

The beautifully laid-out, Dhordo tent city offers an option of both, air conditioned and non-air conditioned specious tents equipped with a room heater and all essential amenities including an attached bathroom with 24 hours running hot water.

The tent city also houses a market place where tourists can buy beautiful Kutchi embroidery, handcrafted works, block printed fabric, leather work, silver wear, and perfectly crafted ornaments.

Exhibition Center

There is also an exhibition center showcasing the vibrant history, culture, and traditions of Kutch. Tourists get surprised of what seems like a wild desert, has such vibrancy, history, culture, and traditions.


There are two large dining halls serving mouthwatering delicious cuisines and specialty of Kutch. For one’s no pastas-no pizzas, just some lovingly served, authentic Kutchi food. For the food lovers, there is there is also a food court where you can taste different items at odd hours.


Adventure is in the heart of desert. There is one adventure zone with lots of recreation options for the kids and adults. For adults there are other thrilling adventure activities also available like ATV ride.

Music and Dance

There is also a dedicated area for cultural performances by local artists.

All these is spread over 1.5 million square meters where approximately more than 200,000 people from more than 20 different countries come together to celebrate the life. You can also be a part of this festival by booking yourself a Kutch Tour Package with Kutch Tour Guide. We also offer online booking at our website