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The Arts of Kutch Explained in 6 Pictures

Arts of Kutch
The diverse, rich and creative culture of Kutch has made a supreme contribution to medieval culture of India. Once a destination by sea and land for people from Swat Valley, Middle East, and Africa, Kutch has a rich tradition of arts and crafts.Look at these six pictures and we are sure you won’t need any more explanation of Arts of Kutch.

Ajrakh Blockprint

Ajrakh means “keep it today”. Artisans’ uses pre diced blocks that prints beautiful designs across the lengths of cloth.Ajrakh printed cloths are given as gifts to people especially on various occasions and festivals like Eid and bridegrooms.Artisan uses fast colors in Ajrakh prints hence it looks very beautiful.


Dye and tie craft is called “Bandhani” in Kutch. Bandhani art came to Kutch with Khatri community who migrated from Sindh and became a staple local source of income for them.Bandhaniartisans’ uses pomegranate and madder to dye their cloth in a beautiful range of hues just like block printing. It is very famous in India and other countries and imported in large quantity.

Copper Bells

The craft of copper coated bells evolved in the Kutch from the need of region. Communities like Bharvads, Rabaris and Maldharisuses these bells to tie their animals so that they can track them easily. One fact to know is that the artisans can give a particular sound required. These bells carry a life-time warranty and at a very high cost. Warranty means that if the bell changes its sound, or they see any fades in shine, the artisans refurbish it at no cost.


Embroidery is one of the very few arts of Kutch done by Kutchi Women. Kutch is famous for its fine folk embroideries in Gujarat and India.It is usually done on silk fabric and involves the use of woolen or silk thread to do the fine stiches to create elaborate beautiful patterns on the cloth which can be worn during various festivals like Navratri.

Rogan Art

Rogan is a technique of painting on crafted fabric from thick paint color which is especially made for this purpose. To do the Rogan art, artisans place a small amount of this color into their palm and uses a metal rod to paint. Then they folds their designs into a blank fabric to create a mirror image which completes the design. You will find many Rogan artisans in Nirona village of Kutch.


Kutchi weaving are unique in the patterns and motifs that are woven into the fabric. The looms used for this weaving are also made by hand as per the need of customers. These shawls can weigh from 300 to 800 grams and looks very beautiful.

We hope that these 8 pictures will explain you the real art of Kutch. After reading this article, if you want to go to Kutch and purchase these beautiful arts and crafts, you can book your tour to Kutch with Kutch Tour Guide at